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About us

The co-operation Hoppe & Masztalerz was founded 1993 in Cologne/Germany. Today the manufactory is located in Wroclaw/Poland and the sales office in Ostseebad Heringsdorf/Germany on the Isles of Usedom.

The Products
The range comprises leather wristbands, leather belts, leather straps and accessories for leather bands. Beside the products with mainly patterns many products are suitable for furthe processing.

The Material
Hoppe & Masztalerz use only full grain leather in different finishes that has been tanned on vegetable basis. The products comply with up-to-date standards with regards to the basic material leather, colourants, protectors and metal parts.

The Designs
Over time the corporation has developed her own concept with regards to shapes and sizes. Hoppe & Masztalerz are also passionate about Celtic ornamentation with its numerous possibilities to modify antique designs to let new designs emerge.
Every new project provides a new challenge by changing designs to embossing.
Based on those extensive experience even customer specific ideas and designs can be realized.

The Production
All products are produced in the own workshop, i. e. in coproduction with independent workshops, based on strict instructions and are exclusively produced for Hoppe & Masztalerz.

The Imprint
A main part of the production is the embossing of leather. After creating the etched or engarved cliches these 'small pieces of art' are transferred to the leather by a heat embossing process.
The enteration of machine, tools and mechanical dexterity during the manufacturing process mean that every product is unique despite being serial product.

The Way of Sale
The goods and services of Hoppe & Masztalerz are dispatched the traditional way partly through independent traders and agencies to the retail market and reach the end customer in this way.